The Blue Lucy Transcode Plug-in is a full featured file format conversion engine providing file-to-file content transcoding capability for applications where quality and speed of execution are paramount. The Transcode plug-in provides the highest possible image quality for all common broadcast and web delivery formats.

The Transcode plug-in is a video transcoder which provides the highest possible quality for all common broadcast and web delivery formats including HEVC. The plug-in supports frame rate conversion as well as additional video processing functions such as graphics / logo insertion for essence watermarking or keying of Burnt-In Time Code (BITC). Other processing features include audio channel remapping (shuffling), which is especially important for of the delivery of multiple language material and in this case essence re-multiplexing techniques are used.

Designed to meet all file transcoding needs the plug-in is controlled via the Assets tab of the BLAM browser based interface, a user may create new file types for a given video asset for use in specific applications such as on-line, mobile or VoD. The transcoder can optionally support GPU acceleration where speed of transcode processes is important. The Transcoder may also be used to inject specific metadata structures such as AS-03 or AS-11 into the essence wrapper using the Blue Lucy Metadata Injector plug-in.