From the moment you engage with us, right through the lifetime of your Blue Lucy deployment, you can be sure we will deliver operational value, expert advice, and lightning fast responses.

Blue Lucy’s background in consulting, and our rich experience in delivering successful projects on time, and on budget, puts us in the best possible position to give you exceptional support.

In-app help

For technical support in BLAM and BOLT, click the ? symbol in your top menu bar. Your operator-specific support information is shown on the ‘Blue Lucy Central’ landing page.

Service-based Approach – delivering value from the outset 

Our software architecture allows us to take service-based, rather than a system-orientated, approach to implementation. This makes the optimum use of your existing resources to rapidly deliver results which make sense for your business. 

We work with your operational management team to understand your business operations and goals. And we focus on precise outcomes by taking a top-down approach using the process, people, data, and technology model.  With these outcomes agreed, we will then work iteratively with you during the implementation phase so that your platforms deliver value right from the outset, and then incrementally over the longer term throughout the lifetime of your engagement with us. We’re with you every step of the way.  

Support icon

Sustaining Support – flexible models to suit your business 

Software updates are automatic as part of your Software as a Service (SaaS) licence package. Some systems which have scores of individual 3rd party integration points may require break-fix support for business-critical functions.

Our support function is operated by our core engineering team and is supported by Jira Service for clarity and auditability. Our break-fix support is packaged based on hours of coverage together with agreed service level response times, and we can offer models from business hours only up to 24/7 support.

Workflow and Configuration Support – just a click away

Our BLAM solution is the most operator-configurable media service platform available, thanks to the low-code no-code workflow builder and our open configuration approach. Support is only ever a click away via Blue Lucy Central, your on-line support portal.

We’re committed to helping you get the best value from our software, so we also offer consultancy services to support you when you need to modify and develop operational workflows within your platforms.  These range from a simple validation of a customer-built workflow, to complex workflows testing new operational capabilities. And we can provide a full build and management function for your workflows if you choose. For us, it’s all about supporting your integration needs, whatever that takes.

Bespoke Development – configuration is everything

One of our core motivations developing BLAM is to enable media operators to realise the huge business and economic value of integrated systems. Of the 500+ microservices we have developed, around 20% are ‘integration connectors’ which deliver open API based connectivity to a range of media and business systems.  No walled gardens here!

We can also build a licence microservices for third party systems, and we add to our inventory of ‘connectors’ every month. But many media companies have bespoke or legacy systems which are intrinsic to their operation.  Our tailored development expertise and build connectors ensure that your key ‘in house built’ or bespoke systems don’t become isolated as your technology estate grows and evolves.