BLAM is the key to integrating your services. Much more than simply a MAM or an orchestration engine…

  • A feature rich integration, workflow orchestration and media management platform which is constantly evolving.
  • A solution with touchpoints across your media and business systems, giving you visibility and control of your entire media operation.
  • A simple to deploy and configure solution which delivers business value from the outset.
  • An infrastructure agnostic platform available as a managed service, deployed on-prem or more typically hybrid.
  • An integration layer connecting traditional broadcast and production systems to modern cloud-based services configured using a no-code / low-code toolset.
  • A predictable commercial proposition, with pricing based on the configuration for your business needs, not on metered usage or taxed through a walled garden.
BLAM does  

BLAM is designed to deliver value quickly, combining media management, workflow orchestration and operator task flows in a single integrated solution.

  • BLAM’s workflow engine capability is highly scalable and runs natively in any cloud or on-premises compute environment. Typically, it runs hybrid for maximum cost efficiency.
  • BLAM enables operationally specific workflows to be built from a portfolio of more 500 functional microservices spanning media management, data processing, system control and manual task operations.
  • The workflow engine orchestrates the operation of both internal processes and external, 3rd party, software and services asynchronously, and provides real time visibility of all processes.

  • BLAM’s suite of microservices includes a range of more than 100 connectors to media and business software and services encompassing everything from rights-management to QC, from AI based recognition to billing systems.
  • BLAM microservices are developed against an open SDK meaning we can develop new features, functions, and connectors in matter of days or even hours, or you can ‘roll your own’.
  • Integration models range from loosely coupled event message based, to true tightly coupled REST API based, allowing operators to rapidly build service orientated, technology abstracted systems.

  • BLAM provides a fully featured asset management capability with an open and extensible data model incorporating catalogue and temporal data sets.
  • BLAM includes an extensive set of fast search and media aggregation tools designed for a range of operational use cases from wranglers to executive review.
  • BLAM incorporates a feature rich suite of ‘production assist’ applications, and integrations with key production tools for capture, editing, quality control and format conversion.

What does this mean for you?
Efficiency icon

Increase efficiency and throughput scale through the automation.

Flexibility icon

Increase flexibility in operation and time to market.

New ops models icon
New Ops Models

Reduce management overhead by adopting a management by exception model.

Low friction icon

Reduce operational friction through integration of disparate media and business systems.

Visibility icon

Achieve enterprise-wide visibility across media and business operations.

Hybrid tech ops icon
Hybrid Tech Ops

Achieve maximum value from both cloud and ground based systems and services.

Read more on the thinking, motivation and vision behind the platform:
Configure your system your way with BLAM microservices

Your operationally specific workflows are built in the BLAM core using our microservices. These functional building blocks perform a range of functions including file transfers or controlling cloud services such as transcode, as well as operational functions such as parsing or writing metadata. There are more than 500, and counting.