The thinking, motivation and vision behind BLAM3

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BLAM was entirely informed from our individual experience in broadcast engineering, operations and from the Blue Lucy’s consulting activities delivering projects in tier one broadcast and media operations.

In our initial designs in we set out the key tenets. BLAM-3 should….

1. combine asset management, workflow orchestration and task management

‘Static’ MAMs are insufficient for the complexity of a modern media operation and need to include workflow automation. Workflow engines must be user configurable, entensible and support the human aspects of a production operation.

2.provide the integration layer between systems allowing technology abstraction yet deliver operational cohesion

The most significant business value in terms of operational gains comes from integrated systems, but point-to-point integrations are too rigid and inflexible. Equally vendor driven ‘ecosystem’ based solutions are organised vendor lock in. BLAM must be open to allow integration to any system or service.

3. be service orientated microservices based

As this enables rapid functional development of the platform at zero risk and provides infinite scale.

4. be ‘API first’ but with a fully featured operational interface

Bespoke user experiences for larger operators and service providers will be important but middleware / API only systems do not deliver value rapidly enough and present a significant risk for operators.

5. enable customisation but on the same code base – all deployments are different; all deployments are the same

Managing bespoke code branches is not commercially viable for anyone and presents significant risk to operators.

6. be infrastructure ‘agnostic’ enabling controlled cloud migration and hybrid models

‘Cloud native’ sounds cool but by binding the operational capability to the cloud, particularly specific providers, is ‘cloud dependant’, the antithesis of the service orientated model. BLAM is entirely infrastructure agnostic.



  • BLAM is provided on a PaaS / SaaS model with extremely flexible terms, this places the onus on Blue Lucy to perform and constantly innovate.
  • BLAM is charged as a flat monthly rate which is dependent on platform functionality and scale, not throughput transactions or the number of users.
  • BLAM is constantly evolving with a functional roadmap which is directly informed by customer needs and the latest innovations in the industry.
  • BLAM allows operators to retain ownership of material and service provider relationships removing the ‘lock in’ risk and ‘service tax’ expense. Blue Lucy do not margin-stack third party service provider costs or charge per transaction.
  • We don’t take liberties – BLidgets or BLAM Core capability developed to deliver a customer specific project, which is then made available to other customers, is not charged on a ‘day rate’ professional service basis but on the connector rate.
  • BLAM does not obfuscate data or object keys meaning migrating to another service provider is hassle free. You wont want to move supplier and if you are moving to BLAM we can import structured data and index storage (both disk and object (cloud)) in hours.

BLAM is an enterprise platform designed for enterprise operators for who the pay-per-use cost models do not make financial sense. BLAM is available through service partners on a pay-per-use basis for small operators or individuals, please do get in touch and we will put you in contact with the most suitable partner based on your needs.

BLAM Opportunities


  • BLAM provides a self-service workflow development environment (low code / no-code paradigm) enabling operators to build and configure workflows themselves. Reducing implementation time and cost.
  • BLAM has a microservice based architecture which supports extremely rapid development for new features, functions, and connectors.
  • BLAM is an integration layer enabling operators to build service orientated, technology abstracted systems.
  • BLAM enables hybrid systems to be built which seamlessly connect traditional broadcast systems to modern cloud-based services and business systems.
  • BLAM is a true multitenant platform allowing service providers to offer flexible operational services at scale on a single ‘back-end’ system.
  • BLAM provides significant opportunities for customisation but is also a fully featured ‘off the shelf’ platform ready for operation – BLAM delivers business value from the outset.


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Business Focused Blue Lucy delivers complete system solutions focused on business outcomes. We take ownership of the delivery with an operational and business-centric approach.

Accountable Blue Lucy provides a full systems integration capability including operational analysis, software development, data migration and support operational transition to service.

Product Centric Blue Lucy is a single product/platform vendor – we are a focused business, and our success is dependent on the continued success of our customers.

Open and Collaborative Blue Lucy can provide validation and warranty for customer-developed integrations or user interfaces or provide a shared development resource model.

We used to be you.. Blue Lucy is led by a team with extensive experience in the media and broadcast industry – principally from the broadcaster, not the supplier, side. BLAM was born of necessity.