The mutliplatform media economy is here, maximise the opportunitywith Blue Lucy

The company is led by a team of industry experts with a business-orientated approach to media technology.




We have a well-founded understanding of the business of production, broadcasting and content distribution as well as an appreciation that software systems should support, and not dictate, business and operations.

We are a product company with a single focus, Blue Lucy. Every feature and function of the platform can be mapped to a tangible business benefit for users.

Our approach to implementation and platform ‘on-boarding’ is business outcomes centric, with our success directly driven by our customer’s success.

Blue Lucy is an out-and-out technology company, so our customers do not need to be. We invest significantly in technical R&D, not on sales and marketing (2022: 87% spend in software R&D).  We challenge industry orthodoxies and shun closed systems and proprietary technologies to unify media and business operations.


The company was founded in 2008 and operated as a boutique consulting business focused on the implementation of broadcast software technology in a business and operational context.

During our formative years – implementing technology for broadcasters as employees and, subsequently, consultants – we challenged the technology-centric nature of projects instead championing operationally focused models and the value of integration across vendors and products.  These principles formed the cornerstones of what the Blue Lucy platform would become.

In 2013 development began on what was conceived as a low-cost, lightweight Media Asset Management (MAM) platform designed to fill functional gaps frequently observed in our consulting activities. “BLAM-2” was launched in 2015.  In 2017, the long anticipated, paradigm shift was observed in the industry as the flexibility of cloud-based services finally became apparent to media operators.  A cloud-based media integration platform which would securely access and orchestrate any number of cloud-based services was envisaged.  The company’s focus switched to developing such capability.

The resulting “Blue Lucy” platform was released in the Autumn of 2019 following a 3-year ‘ground up’ development using the latest technologies and techniques.


Blue Lucy is a privately held ‘bootstrapped’ business not beholden to PE investors relentlessly driving ‘shareholder value’ or customer shareholders monopolising product direction. The business is self sustaining with a positive balance sheet and year-on-year growth running at more than 100%.

The company is headquartered in London and operates internationally through regional offices and system integration partners.


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