StoreFront is a white-label content publishing and point-of-sale platform which enables content owners to showcase & monetise their media catalogue. Content owners can realise the value of assets by providing a customised, branded public-facing portal through which material can easily be searched, retrieved and purchased.


StoreFront In Action

Operationally, subscribed users or consumers may use the branded web interface to search for content, browse material and select clips, or sections of clips, for use in new production packages. Following a simple check-out process the material is automatically restored from a master content repository and delivered to the client’s facility in the desired format using BLM’s video processing services. StoreFront also provides interfaces to billing and CRM systems to afford a completely automated media store function.

Completely customisable showcase websites

The StoreFront content publishing plug-in complements Blue Lucy's tape archive digitisation software solution and completes the picture for archive content owners by providing an on-line gallery for direct B2B or consumer syndication.

An entirely customisable interface means Storefront can be seamlessly deployed alongside a corporate website without expensive development and with a short time to market. StoreFront is the simplest, lowest maintenance and most cost-effective way to monetise a media content archive / catalogue.

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Storefront Brochure - PDF file