IBC 2019 : A visiting vendor’s perspective

Can a fragmenting industry continue to be properly served by one big ‘Broadcast’ trade show?

Taking a stand at IBC 2019

We decided after last year’s IBC show not to exhibit in 2019, but to take the “visiting vendor” approach instead.

The Cloud is Now

Devoncroft Cloud Adoption Index (September 2018):  “more media technology buyers are budgeting for cloud services / cloud technology than any other project”

Tantric Tendering – 6 Steps to Media Technology Procurement Success

We are experiencing a fundamental shift in the way technology is provisioned in the broadcast and media sector, yet the  procurement processes have remained largely unchanged in 20-years. Moreover, there is increasing frustration in the vendor community that process isn’t as rigorous as it should be. Is it time to review the approach to RFP? One of…

Blue Lucy’s IBC 2017

We were back at Europe’s biggest broadcasting convention in September – demonstrating how Blue Lucy and the BLAM tackle media operations management bottlenecks and enable new opportunities from our usual spot in Hall 7 of the IBC Show. We had a packed schedule with a record number of bookings being made in the run-up to…

Rights Management in News Operations

Video rights management used to be so much simpler……… We were quite surprised by the large response to last month’s blog on the rather dry topic of metadata. Of most interest to correspondents was the specific subject of video rights and rights management within an operation. This time we explore that subject in more detail…

Metadata New Year to all

The driest aspect of media operations management is content metadata but well-structured and organised metadata schemas can pay significant dividends in driving operational efficiency. January is the perfect time of year to look at how this is structured, utilised and managed in your operation. Like Dry January it probably isn’t as onerous as it first…

Love your MOM – your MAM is no longer enough

20 years ago computerised Media Asset Management systems MAM’s transformed broadcast and media operations – one way or another. In the period since these have slowly, and sometimes painfully, evolved into sophisticated media systems around which much of typical operation is centred. The breadth of functionality and capability of some modern MAMs is sufficient to…

IBC 2016 Review

This year’s IBC was probably the most relevant for years. A genuine turning point for the industry. NAB earlier in the year felt like the end of the broadcast trade show as it has been for the last 20-years. Modern production and content delivery management tools sat at juxtaposition with their forebears, the two looking…

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