BLidget Category: Media Operators

Generate Storyboard

Creates a Storyboard for the selected resolution and up (max. 1 minute). Continue reading →

Generate Browse (AWS)

Generates a browse of the input audio or video essence using AWS Elemental Media Convert. Continue reading →

Ateme Transcode

Allows essence to be transcoded using the Ateme TITAN FILE software. Continue reading →

Render EDL

The BLidget renders (conforms) a BLAM Editor EDL using the Blue Lucy render engine which produces files which are mathematically lossless from their source. The Blidget is typically used in ‘on-prem’ deployments. Continue reading →

MediaConvert Transcode

Asset essence transcode using AWS MediaConvert. Continue reading →


This Blidget is used to access the Blue Lucy Transcoder for media format conversion. The desired output format is set in the BLidget from those available. The Transcoder will operate on the Master File of an Asset. Continue reading →

Get Image Metadata

The Blidget will extract metadata from EXIF, IPTC, XMPP, JFIF/JFXX, ICC Profiles and Photoshop metadata tags from image files. The BLidget provides a mapping for source data fields to BLAM (custom and core) metadata fields. Continue reading →

Generate Thumbnail

Generates a single thumbnail image at a specified frame from a video file. Continue reading →

Generate JPEG from Image

The BLidget converts image formats including CMYKA, PNG, SVG, TIFF, TGA, GIF to .jpeg. The BLidget also provides the capability to support image scaling and cropping. Continue reading →