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Multifunction BLAM for A+E's UK Operation
By Blue Lucy -

Multifunction BLAM for A+E’s UK Operation

A+E Networks UK

A+E Networks® UK, a joint venture between Hearst and Sky, is a leading media network reaching 60 million homes across 100 countries. With a portfolio of popular, high-performing and creative brands – HISTORY®, Crime+Investigation®, Lifetime®, History2® and UK free to air BLAZE®.  Their award-winning factual and entertainment content includes global hit franchises like Forged in Fire and Born this Way, as well as original local commissions including Al Murray’s Why Does Everyone Hate the English

Project Scope

The BLAM performs two key business functions for A+E Networks UK at their facility in west London:  The first is a straightforward migration operation with the platform copying the entire long form content inventory from the local LTO HSM system to AWS S3, this is running as an ongoing background task prioritised by the A+E operational team.  The second function is both more complex and more creative in that BLAM manages the end-to-end process for promo production.

BLAM Deployment

  • Deployed BLAM with multiple Workflow Runners (WFRs) managing on-prem (NAS & Pixit HSM) and cloud (AWS S3) storage.
  • IPV Curator data connector BLidget for long form content management data synchronisation.
  • MediaGenix What’s ON data importer BLidget creates production deliverables from campaign schedule.
  • 20 Adobe Premiere Pro plug-in ‘seats’ provide direct access to tasks and media within the Premiere application environment.
  • Telestream VidCheck connector BLidget provides automated QC in a management by exception workflow.
  • AWS MediaConvert connector BLidget for cloud-based media transcode.
  • AWS storage management connector BLidgets Set AWS Tags and Set S3 Storage Class manage the tagging and storage tiering respectively.

Business Outcomes

  • WorkOrder based campaign management delivering 50 campaigns consisting of more than 500 new promo assets per month.
  • Workflow driven review and approve process for creative and compliance with tracked feedback accelerates the end-to-end process.
  • Automatic linking of campaigns to master programme content removes the need for editors to manually search for source material increasing productivity.
  • WorkOrder management drives efficiency by ensuring task concurrency when possible.
  • WorkOrder monitoring provides management visibility of work in progress campaigns.
  • Prioritisation in the Task Management functions ensures the creative work is organised based on TX date.
  • Automatic creation and fulfilment of asset placeholders ensures accuracy in delivered material.
  • Automated QC via Telestream VidCheck removes the previously manual process.
  • Templating of project resources delivers consistency across campaigns.
  • Automatic categorisation of campaigns based on Channel provides a structured view on material regardless of physical location.
  • As a background task BLAM is also migrating the A+E UK inventory to AWS S3. The process includes the secure upload of material (600,000+ assets / 400TB – as of February 2022), browse proxy generation, tagging and lifecycle management, i.e. S3 tiering.



By Blue Lucy -
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