BLAM - Complete Media Operations Management Software

BLAM is a media operations management tool-set which enables media businesses to quickly reach new consumer markets and streamline production operations through automation and task management. BLAM provides an integrated and truly end-to-end solution for media operators.

The software is natively designed to support a range of deployment models from simple, single task focused implementations through more complex installations which have a very broad scope ranging from custom user experience to complex business system integrations. BLAM may be deployed on-prem’ in the cloud or a hybrid of the two.

This inherent capability of BLAM and the variety of business and operational approach strategies it supports enable long term relationships to be built with customers. The functional capabilities, the focus on management reporting and the extensible, open architecture enable BLAM to become an essential part of an operational business.

Crucially as BLAM is focused on supporting the end-to-end operating model it is better placed than any other product / service to support the controlled migration of media business systems and services from on-prem’ to more cost effective and flexible cloud-based service models.

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  • BLAM combines media management, workflow orchestration (including task management) and video processing in a single solution. The product focuses on providing a complete view of media operation.
  • BLAM has been designed as operationally agnostic and can therefore provide operational solutions to a broad range of traditionally different functions.
  • BLAM is truly modular and customisable meaning functionality can be added as needed and switched off when not required.


  • BLAM orchestrates a number of distributed services following a true Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) but enables ease of integration with all functions being accessible via an single API.
  • BLAM has been designed as hybrid cloud / ground system. It is not just cloud and it is not a monolith system being shoehorned into the cloud.
  • The workflow runner enables developers to write their own BLidgets (function blocks / Blue Lucy widgets) using C#, Java, Python, and more, programming languages.


  • BLAM is available on a lease licence (PAYG) /Software as a Service (SaaS) model for cloud or deployed systems.
  • BLAM is not priced on the number of users of number of objects just the functional components which are in use.
  • BLAM is designed to integrate disparate systems, not replace them, greatly reducing risk, overall cost and implementation time.


Advanced Search


Extremely fast Google style search capability. Fully customisable; supporting Boolean, fuzzy & wildcard searches.

Storage Management


Straightforward storage manager enabling disparate (on-premise and cloud) storage & archive systems to be managed centrally.

User Access Control


Secure user access control providing organisation, group / role based permissions supported by Active Directory integration.

Workflow Manager


Create and monitor custom workflows to meet specific business requirements such as content approval or final publishing.

Open API


An open REST API is the gateway to the BLAM through which all core and Plug-in functions are accessed & managed.



Open and extensible schema enabling frame level precision operationally supported by controlled vocabularies and intellisense.

Through a distributed services architecture BLAM provides advanced yet simplified operations and asset management together with a comprehensive video processing capability. BLAM provides a powerful core set of functionality, accessed via an intuitive web based user interface. This functionality may be further enhanced by utilising a series of Plugins from Blue Lucy and Partners as well as connectors to 3rd party systems. To learn more about our software and integration capabilities call us on 020 8878 5313.

30 BLAM Plug-ins available

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The BLAM product offering, which may be deployed or provisioned as a cloud service is supported by a dedicated software system integration competency which ensures controlled integration of Blue Lucy provisioned services into an organisation existing systems and processes. BLAM represents a fundamental shift in the provision of technology for media production and operations management. BLAM enables organisations to efficiently migrate existing operations into cloud provisioned services in a controlled manner.