BLAM - SaaS Content Supply Chain Management

BLAM is a content supply chain solution for the media industry. Combining media management, workflow orchestration, task management and advanced video processing in a single software solution.

Operationally focused to meet the needs of complex content prep and supply chain requirements BLAM provides a complete view on a media operation and connects hitherto disparate systems. BLAM automates a large number of functions to reduce operational spend and through task management ensures efficient use of resources. BLAM is truly transformative in optimising an operation.

Provided as a service and accessed through a modern browser-based user interface BLAM enables operators to migrate production and distribution capabilities to cloud based service models, greatly reducing capital costs but without risking core business functions.

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Business Benefits

  • Enables broadcasters to reduce operational costs and exploit new revenue opportunities such as multi-platform delivery. Cost reduction and new revenue enabler.
  • Enables the migration of production and media content supply chain operations from on-prem’ systems to cloud hosted and managed. Cost reduction.
  • Enable content owners to monetise assets with minimal ‘up front’ investment. Low cost long-term revenue enabler.
  • Create visibility of a production operation to inform management decision making. Pain reliever and cost reducer.