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Who we are

Blue Lucy is a privately owned specialist technology company which was founded in the UK in 2008. With a successful background in broadcast engineering and operations, we originally started the business as a consultancy specialising in the design and implementation of media asset management and fast turn-round production platforms.

As consultants we repeatedly found gaps between siloed production and business systems. So in  2015 we started writing integration applications designed to plug those gaps. As demand grew for these solutions, we moved away from consulting to focus on the development of BLAM . BLAM was conceived fundamentally as a media business orchestration and integration platform, and launched in 2020.

Our expertise lies in integration, orchestration, and asset management technology for the media industry, and we are focussed on delivering business centric solutions to real-world problems in production, post-production, localisation, and content fulfilment operations.

With many high profile users around the world, we remain proud of our close customer relationships and of the  energetic pace of our development. We are passionate about the power of our technology and our people to deliver tangible benefits to media businesses globally.

Meet the team
Julian Wright CEO

Julian began his career in the mid-90’s working in broadcast engineering R&D, and subsequently held staff positions with major broadcasters and technology consultancies where he was involved in the delivery of many ‘industry firsts’. Julian founded Blue Lucy with a vision to challenge the orthodoxies on the implementation of technology in media operations to deliver business value. When not working, obsessively, he collects mid-century furniture, obsessively. Some of the inventory adorns the meeting rooms at Blue Lucy Towers.

Jonathan Lunness CSO

Jonathan started his career with Anglia Television (now part of ITV) before moving on to product and commercial roles with various suppliers. Through those roles he’s built up considerable international experience from Iceland to Australia. Since the mid 90’s he’s been at the forefront, automating systems and migrating businesses to file based working. In 2008 he started and ran a successful consulting business for a number of years before joining Blue Lucy as Chief Strategy Officer.

Alison Pavitt CMO

Alison has worked in the broadcast and media sector for many years, initially carrying out demonstrations and training for a graphics company before moving into marketing and sales. Most recently she headed up the commercial function at a leading automation vendor. She joined Blue Lucy as Chief Marketing Officer in 2024. A self-confessed lover of trade shows, she enjoys working collaboratively and is happiest catching up with industry colleagues and learning about new directions in the sector. She is usually found outdoors when not working, and has recently taken up the emerging sport of Swimrun.

Josh Martin Head of Product

Josh started his media services career at a company that produced transcripts for TV content. Having gained experience in QC, QA and training, he ultimately moved into product management and joined Blue Lucy in 2023. As Head of Product his aim is to build products which solve real problems, connecting human processes with technology to make a job easier and more effective. He has volunteered with RISE UP, inspiring schoolkids to consider a career in broadcast engineering. He has almost too many hobbies to mention, although folding hundreds of paper animals for his wedding has put him off origami for life.

Joe Hegarty Director of IT

Joe manages our talented team of engineers and developers, having joined the company in 2023. He brings with him a wealth of experience across disciplines including infrastructure migration, SaaS platform development, DevOps, and platform management. Whilst modestly claiming to be the least smart person in the room, he says the great privilege of his career is working with such incredible, bright and driven people at Blue Lucy Towers. In his downtime and away from screens, he can be found dabbling in DIY and running the occasional very muddy marathon.

Zac Sloss Director of Software Architecture

Zac joined Blue Lucy back in 2016, working closely with customers from day one. It was this experience and deep knowledge of user requirements that proved the inspiration for BLAM. As principal architect and 'father of BLAM' his philosophy is simplicity: build the simplest core product possible and add automation and configurability via workflow-led microservices. It is this architecture that produces emergent benefits for the widest range of use cases. A talented musician, he is a semi-professional trombonist and once played in the Olympics victory parade on an open top bus, narrowly avoiding decapitation by a wayward tree branch.

What you need to know about us
  • We have a great track record of delivering successful projects
  • We build and maintain close connections with our customers
  • We hold ourselves accountable and our attention to detail is relentless
  • We will keep optimising your system throughout our engagement with you
  • We are committed to solving business problems and will seek to understand the bigger picture
  • We understand where and how to unlock business value

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What we stand for - our company values


We're proud to be number one. We lead by example. 


We act fairly and with integrity. We will always tell it like it is. 


We are adaptable and resourceful. We find solutions.


We focus on a shared vision. We take action to deliver value. 


We go the extra mile. We achieve our goals.


We build strong relationships. We succeed together.