BLidget Category: Essence / File Operators

Register Unmanaged

Scans a file-store and registers unmanaged files as new Assets. Continue reading →

Analyse Azure Containers

Analyses Azure Blob Storage file stores to check health and free space. Continue reading →

Rename Azure Blob

Renames an Azure Blob in place. Continue reading →

Delete from Azure

Deletes the asset file from the specified Azure Blob Container. Continue reading →

Set Azure Access Tier

Sets an object in Azure to a specific Access Tier. Continue reading →

Upload to Azure

Uploads a file to a specified Azure Storage Container. Continue reading →

Download from Azure

Downloads a file from Azure Blob Storage, and writes it to a specified disk file store. Continue reading →

Get S3 Object Metadata

Retrieves an S3 object’s metadata and saves it against the essence file technical information. Continue reading →

Transfer via FTP

Transfers a copy of a file from BLAM via FTP. Continue reading →

Copy File (Azure)

Copies an object from an Azure container to another specified Azure container. Continue reading →