Blue Lucy - Media Asset Management Software

BLAM provides a complete asset management & workflow orchestration capability in a structured, uncomplicated manner. Offering a user focused approach to content management enabling streamlined operations for production, media publishing & archiving.

BLAM is 3rd Generation Media Asset Management software providing a complete system which is web enabled using open standards, accessible through a comprehensive API and affords seamless cloud & on premise integration. Providing a universal tool-set for production asset management, digital asset management BLAM affords a complete and scalable solution. Operationally all the BLAM’s features are accessed via a browser based interface which provides global access to the media management and plug-in tools. The interface enables all production workflow management operations to be managed through a highly customisable user interface - from baseband & file ingest, content reformatting and metadata management to publishing and distribution.

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Advanced Search


Extremely fast Google style search capability. Fully customisable; supporting Boolean, fuzzy & wildcard searches.

Storage Management


Straightforward storage manager enabling disparate (on-premise and cloud) storage & archive systems to be managed centrally.

User Access Control


Secure user access control providing organisation, group / role based permissions supported by Active Directory integration.

Workflow Manager


Create and monitor custom workflows to meet specific business requirements such as content approval or final publishing.

Open API


An open REST API is the gateway to the BLAM through which all core and Plug-in functions are accessed & managed.



Open and extensible schema enabling frame level precision operationally supported by controlled vocabularies and intellisense.

BLAM's powerful workflow and media asset management software deliver advanced, multifaceted search capabilities, workflow automation and secure global, web-based accessibility. The core BLAM may be augmented with our range of feature plug-ins to meet the diverse range of operational and business needs for digital asset management systems. If you would like more information about our digital asset management system and media asset management software call 020 8878 5313.

30 BLAM Plug-ins available

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