Send Email


Creates an email from a defined template for delivery to specified recipients or groups.



This BLidget can be used to generate and send dynamic emails based on assetversionfile and WorkOrder inputs. You can use metadata values from each asset in the workflow to build dynamic messages for both the email subject and body, by surrounding the name of the metadata value with curly braces. Additionally, you can use other special values such as ASSET_ID, ASSET_TITLE, CURRENT_DATETIME, ASSET_CREATED_DATE, FORMAT_DATE(yyyymmdd), SOURCE_FILENAME, SOURCE_FILE_EXTENSION, SOURCE_FILENAME_WITHOUT_EXTENSION and NEW_GUID. For example, “Email about {{ ASSET_ID }} with {{ metadata_property }} on {{ CURRENT_DATETIME }}”.


Special Functions

{{USER_EMAIL}} – inserts the email address of the workflow’s triggering user {{GROUP_EMAILS(GROUPNAME)}} – inserts the email addresses of all members of a given group {{DOWNLOAD_LINK(3,1)}} – creates and inserts a download link valid for 3 days with 1 download authorised (N.B. -1 sets an unlimited number of downloads) {{PREVIEW_LINK(2)}} – creates and inserts a preview player link valid for 2 days