Stellar: Raise Task


Provides a task-based integration between BLAM and the Yella Umbrella Stellar tools. The BLidget allows BLAM users to seamlessly create and manage accessibility media such as subtitling and dubbing assets.


Task management substantially reduces overhead effort, allows prioritisation, and ensures accuracy. The automation linking the output deliverables created in Stellar back to the task in BLAM removes the need to manually aggregate related media, saving time and driving precision.

About Stellar

Stellar from Yella Umbrella offers a single solution toolset for localisation and access service media creation and editing. Any timed text element such as subtitles and captioning, audio description, voice overs, lip sync dubbing, transcriptions, scripts, translation can be created and edited within Stellar on a consumption-based pricing model.  No more complex software locked to one machine and no more expensive software support contracts – Yella Umbrella tools are cloud based and pay-as-you-go.

How it Works

The Raise Stellar Task BLidget may be manually activated by BLAM users or set to trigger automatically as part of your workflow if the system detects that an ordered deliverable is missing from the BLAM managed media inventory. Once triggered, the BLidget raises a Stellar task in BLAM against a parent media asset – typically a finished ‘TX’ ready file and the associated child assets.

The tasks, which contain a description / brief together with a secure link to the source media, are picked up by Stellar directly from the BLAM API and automatically assigned to the most appropriate user.

As the task is processed, Stellar passes status data back to BLAM so that both systems are synchronised in real time. On completion of the task, Stellar requests a fulfilment link from BLAM which is used to send the completed media back to BLAM and map it to the specific deliverable. In the case of a correction or update to an existing media object that will be a new version, for newly created media the process is a placeholder fulfilment.

The integration supports a rapid just-in-time management philosophy for international content distribution.

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