We produce business orientated software tools for content asset management, workflow orchestration and video processing, enabling broadcasters and content owners / producers to confidently deploy software systems which meet the business needs of today & tomorrow. Our core product is the Blue Lucy Asset Manager - BLAM.


The BLAM features a powerful Google style search and is based on an open and extensible schema enabling frame level precision. Operationally metadata management is supported by controlled vocabularies and intellisense for ease of operation. BLAM provides secure, and global, user access control providing organisation, group / role based permissions supported by Active Directory integration. The built-in workflow management enables the creation and monitoring of custom workflows to meet specific business requirements for manual or automated tasks.

The core BLAM features may be augmented to meet specific business and operational requirements with the range of off-the-shelf plug-ins. There are currently approximately 30 plug-ins which enable system builders to readily customise the platform with ease. The plug-ins provide features such as linear ingest, integration with the Adobe Premier video editing toolset as well as lossless file processing techniques.

Operationally all the BLAM’s features are accessed via a web browser based interface which provides global access to the media management and plug-in tools on any platform. The interface enables all production workflow management operations to be managed through a highly customisable user interface - from baseband & file ingest, content reformatting and metadata management to publishing and distribution.


BLAM conforms to open standards and Service oriented Architecture (SoA) principles allowing truly scalable, highly resilient and bespoke enterprise systems to be built to deliver immediate and sustained business benefit.

Blue Lucy has taken a modern approach in the use of technology, which is not encumbered by legacy techniques to provide the processing quality and reliability expected. BLAM employs open technologies throughout. A rich RESTful web-service API allows integration with third party tools, and provides the capability to extend functionality with the BLAM operating as the master asset manager, a slave to a ‘house’ system or as a middleware layer between multiple existing systems.


As well as challenging technology orthodoxies, Blue Lucy takes a rational approach to pricing with sensibly priced software charged on a flat, not per user / seat basis. BLAM and all Blue Lucy plug-ins are available on a pay-as-you-go / lease licence as well as a perpetual basis. This enables operators to constrain their CAPEX costs and keep the OPEX costs low and predictable. It also enables an operator to burst operational capability for specific events reassured that costs are incremental and attributable.


The BLAM allows for all assets to be stored and managed in ‘The Cloud’, however, long term storage and movement of long form master media files can be cost / benefit prohibitive. In 2012 Blue Lucy developed Cloud-on-the-Ground technology which is a hybrid approach that affords the operational benefits of the cloud together with the security and cost effective nature of on premise (ground) deployment. Principally the master assets are stored on premise and the metadata and browse material is stored in the cloud - BLAM seamlessly manages the content flow between the cloud and the ground for smooth and cost effective content anywhere operation.

Bespoke media software, simplified

Simplification of user experience is a core mantra of the Blue Lucy approach and BLAM delivers this ‘out of the box’ but it also enables bespoke user experiences. BLAM software is architected so that the functional service components are abstracted from the user experience layer allowing the BLAM and the functional plug-ins to be deployed to meet a large number of application use cases which are quick and easy to implement. Bespoke user interfaces and journeys may be created without fuss or expense.

Entirely Software Based

The Blue Lucy product range is an ‘all software’ solution and runs on standard IT infrastructure. This allows operators to create a unified hardware environment without forming a legacy of vendor lock-in. The standard infrastructure approach also enables operators to include the video system infrastructure in the general IT purchase rather than manage multiple vendors.

Single Vendor Solutions

We offer a more complete video processing and content management capability than any other single originated vendor in the sector. Blue Lucy is unique in providing a Service Orientated platform in which almost all of the components are developed and maintained by us. Those provided by partners are integrated at a software, not system level and centrally managed through BLAM. Blue Lucy offer a genuine single vendor solution, with a single vendor support and escalation path.

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A complete asset management and workflow orchestration capability. Structured and uncomplicated offering a simplified, user focused approach to content management enabling streamlined operations.


Enhance BLAM to meet specific business and operational requirements with our range of off-the-shelf plug-ins. The plug-ins enable system builders to readily and easily customise the platform functionality.


Architected to enable entirely bespoke web-browser user interfaces and journeys to be created without fuss or expense. BLAM is the most accessible tool-set. Follow our four step guide to building the perfect MAM.