The VTR Monitoring ensures that any VTR or video tape errors are not persisted in the acquisition or fulfilment workflow. Designed for use with the Ingest or Layback plug-ins plug-in allows the channel condition of a Sony VTR to be monitored to ensure that any VTR head or video tape errors are captured during operations.

Utilising the Sony Interactive Status Reporting (ISR) interface through the VTR RS232 or SNMP protocols the plug-in monitors the VTR channel status condition during ingest or layback operations, and records any ‘amber’ or ‘red’ conditions against time-code. The data output from the plug-in can be used to stop and restart, or stop and abort an ingest or layback to tape operation to prevent video tape errors causing downstream problems.

For fully automated ingest operations, typical in a bulk tape digitisation projects, the plug-in creates a report against an ingested asset during ingest which is saved to the BLAM for later inspection/review. Digitised content which encountered channel condition errors during ingest can be flagged for visual Quality Assurance using the Blue Lucy Baseband Player plug-in as channel errors do not always manifest themselves as visible artefacts warranting re-ingest. In such a workflow the Baseband Player timeline is populated with visual markers which highlight the reported errors for rapid assessment.
Designed to support unattended VTR processes, the VTR Monitoring plug-in ensures the highest quality control is maintained with minimal operational intervention.