Veloce enables the fastest possible editing and delivery of clips and packages during the recording of live events by allowing access to growing media files. Veloce is designed for news, sport and reality TV production to provide the highest quality and fastest turnaround of highlight material.

Used in conjunction with the Blue Lucy Ingest and Tailor plug-ins Veloce enables the highest quality (lossless) and fastest (seconds) turnaround desktop editing capability. Veloce is deployed alongside Ingest with the ingest writing two files simultaneously: a full resolution master and a low-res, Veloce enabled, browse proxy. The Veloce enabled growing browse file may be monitored and randomly accessed from within the BLAM, browser based, user interface whilst the recording is on-going.

Operationally an editor may pause, seek within the file and revert to the real time recording instantaneously without having to wait for a stream to reload. Veloce affords true random access in a growing file for the smoothest operational experience.

Veloce used in conjunction with Ingest and Tailor may be used to create ‘in-game’ packages for consumption on new media platforms such as mobile and web, or deliver direct to a studio control room for breaking news situations. Veloce enables the fastest and highest quality live file-based production workflow available.