Use Cases - Model BLAM Deployments

Blue Lucy In Action

The design of BLAM, principally SoA and abstraction, mean that flexibility is inherent and as such BLAM has a large number of use cases which are readily deployable.


Blue Lucy has established itself as the ‘go-to’ partners for video tape digitisation, preservation and monetisation by offering a simple solution to the burgeoning issue. A range of BLAM Plug-ins have been specifically developed to reduce the operational cost of the bulk tape archive digitisation. The all-software based system is deployed on standard IT infrastructure which directly integrates with legacy hardware, such as VTRs and cassette robots to provide a highly automated and cost effective method to convert tape based material to the file domain. The toolset enables a true end-to-end capability from tape inventory management, through quality assurance, lossless editing and content reformatting BLAM for archive digitisation is the complete system.


Blue Lucy have developed two plugins which include techniques that allow content to be edited live, i.e. during the recording process. Using Veloce live SDI baseband or streamed video material may be edited within the BLAM web-browser interface or alternatively using the Adobe Premiere Creative Suite. In both cases BLAM allows prized ‘in game highlights’ packages to be created and delivered to multiple downstream platforms near instantaneously. This configuration which may also utilise the Revolver, perpetual recorder, plug-in also enables remote operations so that editors may be located at a central operations area, or at home, well away from the event. BLAM supports live video editing and is ideal for sport or reality TV production in which delivery to second screen or social media platforms forms part of the overall viewer engagement strategy.


The number of media delivery channels and social networking platforms continues to grow. In order to remain nimble enough to keep up with consumer trends in content consumption a flexible and easily extendable content publishing platform is required. BLAM has been designed with an orchestration a publishing layer for automated and easy to implement multiplatform formatting and publishing / delivery. Content aggregation in a multi-standard world can also cause headaches for operations with material arriving in different file formats, or on tape. BLAM caters for all incoming material types and provides tools for format conversion to unify to a ‘house’ format as well maintain quality with assurance tools. BLAM has applications for any organisation involved in the production, hosting or distribution of media of any format from traditional linear TX to a Facebook channel.


Media campaigns in a multimedia world are inherently complex, generate a large amount of material during the production process and require high controlled distribution management. BLAM provides a comprehensive solution to support Campaign Asset Lifecycle Management supporting all aspects of media and process management. BLAM enables media organisations to develop clearly defined sets of workflows for different types of campaign. Focusing on the journey of assets through the media organisation, other departments such as legal compliance as well as external Agencies, BLAM manages all aspects such as asset version control, amends cycles, review and approval right through distribution. Workflows cover the three main phases of campaign asset lifecycle: Campaign Commissioning & Management; Content Curation – publication and Content Production (versioning) & Distribution. BLAM enables faster production of campaign assets, clear visibility of progress through the lifecycle of an asset and improved security control of access to assets.


Recent or historic media archives offer significant, and long term revenue opportunities. BLAM provides easy to implement tools to enable a number of revenue models to be fulfilled. StoreFront is a white-label content publishing and point-of-sale platform which provides a simple system for content owners to showcase and monetise their media catalogue. StoreFront enables content owners to realise the value of assets by providing a customised, branded public facing portal through which material may be searched, retrieved and purchased. Linking StoreFront to the BLAM Rights Management and Billing plug-ins allows for low transactional cost, low maintenance revenue channels to be created. Supported by accelerated file delivery, the latest Premium Video HTML5 enhancements utilising webCrypto for secure content streaming monetising what you already own has never been easier.


Many Production and Post-production task can be simplified, automated and made more efficient with a centralised asset and workflow management system. BLAM affords media businesses an unparalleled opportunity to drive operational efficiency through automation and user defined workflows. Tasks such as content versions for different platforms can be completely automated and fulfilment and billing processes may be linked, enabling a joined up operation. With plug-ins for Adobe Premiere and Avid Interplay BLAM may also streamline the creative process by harmonising operational practice a simplifying mundane tasks such as searching for material. Scalable to suit any size of operation BLAM is ideal for businesses who are migrating from Apple Final Cut Server or those who’s throughput is stymied by overflowing file shares, LaCie drives and Excel sheets.