The Blue Lucy Revolver plug-in provides a constant loop live recording capability for baseband (SDI) and IP sources. Designed as a lines recording device for news and sports production Revolver allows instance access to media file during the write process enabling the fastest possible edit, repackage and onward delivery.


Running on standard commodity hardware Revolver will begin a continuous recording as soon as the server has booted and continue recording until manually stopped. The file chunking and overwrite interval are configurable to make the most efficient use of available disk space. Naturally Revolver will write to a local or network attached storage array and up to two SDI channels can be supported within a single server. Accessed via the BLAM web-browser interface users may search for and edit incoming recordings using the Tailor plug-in, in which operators may create cut and splice edits and derive these from the growing recording and deliver to downstream workflows. Alternatively the live recording may be directly accessed with Adobe Premiere running the BLAM plug-in.