HEVC Added to BLAM Transcode Plug-in

Blue Lucy has added the latest HEVC CODEC to the BLAM Transcode plug-in.

Transcode’s pluggable architecture allows new CODECs to be implemented with ease, and the latest HEVC transcode is truly the next generation of CODEC providing outstanding quality as previously unachievably low bit rates. The Transcode plugin also supports multiple GPU accelerated encoding delivering the highest quality output, significantly faster than real-time enabling the fastest possible live production and distribution.

In the delivery chain of a BLAM managed workflow supported by the Blue Lucy Revolver plug-in, Transcode enables the fastest possible delivery of ‘in game’ highlights packages to downstream platforms encoded using High Efficiency Video Coding techniques.

Short sample clips demonstrating what HEVC is capable of at very low bit rates are available below:

Download 150kb/s HEVC SD (640×272)

Download 800kb/s HEVC Full HD (1920×1080)


We recommend the latest versions of VLC or MPC-HC to play these files