Blue Lucy to demonstrate media operations management capabilities at NAB2017

“BLAM provides media organisations with an affordable, scalable solution to their asset and operations management needs – delivering workflow efficiencies and business insights to help businesses not only survive, but thrive.”
— Julian Wright, CEO, Blue Lucy Media Ltd.


During NAB2017 the Blue Lucy team will demonstrate BLAM’s media operations management capabilities on booth N5924. Combining BLAM’s core asset management features with task automation, the ability to create and manage user-defined workflows and the software’s integration with third party technology means that media businesses can use BLAM to orchestrate activities and manage resources across different systems through a single system interface.


Using BLAM to drive operational efficiency

BLAM enables facility managers to create workflows with automated functions, but also provides task management to drive the human operation. Where you would otherwise have to brief individual team members, book resources and manage delivery for individual tasks within a project, BLAM centralises communication, resource allocation and orchestrates the machines and the people. Linking the operational management tools to BLAM further streamlines project management by linking tasks to production assets and ensures that your creative teams utilise 100% of their time on creative work.


How BLAM provides business insights

BLAM can provide a view across multiple systems through a single unified presentation layer – enabling managers to identify issues and highlight opportunities. Having a birds-eye-view of an operation makes it easy to identify operational or resource (human or machine) bottlenecks and avoid duplicated effort. When integrated with human resource and facility booking systems, BLAM tools help media makers manage capacity and identify where additional resources are required.


Blue Lucy and Pebble Beach Systems partner to launch Beluga at NAB2017

Blue Lucy and Pebble Beach Systems will demonstrate Beluga – a new workflow engine, media asset management and video processing solution – on booth SL6320 at NAB2017. Beluga integrates closely with Pebble’s Marina automation system to offer targeted file delivery, content preparation, and integrated QC workflows without the need to deploy an enterprise MAM solution.


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