File based media exchange and delivery is largely the norm' in media operations, but often the delivery of finished programs or fulfilment of retrieved archive content is requested on video tape. Blue Lucy meets this requirement with the Layback plug-in for BLAM.

Accessed through the BLAM browser based interface, and using the browse version of the assets as a frame accurate reference, a user may search for clips, seek through the material marking the required sections to create an EDL. BLAM delivers the EDL to the Layback which will access the source mater files, decompresses the material and stream it as SDI to the VTR via the baseband video card. The service also provides the ability to down-convert HD material to SD if required.

The Layback plug-in may be deployed along-side the Blue Lucy Ingest plug-in and can share the baseband video card for maximum hardware resources efficiency.

This BLAM plug-in offers the highest possible quality of layback and affords a future-upgradeable final product format delivery – for an often forgotten but important production function.