Ingest provides the highest quality linear video acquisition for multi-format baseband material. The plug-in enables universal video ingest for production, archive or playout. It provides the capability for the simultaneous creation of multiple, independently written but frame locked, media files - typically the master & browse formats.


The Ingest plug-in is designed for video tape ingest as well as line recording supporting tapeless workflow. Accessed through the Ingest tab in the BLAM web based user interface, video tapes may be frame accurately logged through the browser view and set for automatic ingest in which the service assumes full control of the VTR deck. Line acquisition through ‘crash’ and scheduled recording is also supported.

A wide range of CODECs and container formats are supported including all broadcast and web deliver formats. Ingest is also equipped with noise reduction filters, de-interlaces and provides the capability to key in graphics or BITC.

Running on commodity infrastructure hardware, the plug-in accepts an SDI signal of any standard via the baseband video card and writes the target media files in an all software process affording a future proof and flexible architecture. The Ingest plug-in is designed to support tapeless operations, legacy tape archive digitisation and is the most versatile digitising software available.