We believe that our BLAM is the most comprehensive media manager, workflow orchestration and video processing platform available. That’s why we are making it available for a free, no obligation trial.

A trial of BLAM will help your organisation define operational processes and workflows as well as inform your approach to technology implementation. If you are considering investing in a MAM, a workflow engine or advanced video processing capability, such as transcode, BLAM trials are as simple as 1-2-3.
1. Install the BLAM
The BLAM service will run on any computing infrastructure: a physical server, VM or cloud. The installation is a single click deployment and takes about 30 minutes including the storage configuration.
2. Index existing content
BLAM can be set to index existing content stores, and create a browse copy of media, without moving the material. This allows the trial to deliver operational value straight away, otherwise start with a fresh system and add media.
3. Operate more efficiently
Open your web browser running on PC, Mac or mobile device to access BLAM and enjoy 21 days of unprecedented operational efficiently afforded by Google Style content search and workflow automation.

Please complete the form to arrange your trial.


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