The Flexicart Controller provides control of a Sony Flexicart tape robot to enable the unattended bulk ingest of cassette tapes under full automation. The plug-in maintains full operational control of a Flexicart, providing tape movement commands and inventory management, greatly reducing the need for manual intervention.

The Sony Flexicart is undergoing a new lease of life. These simple and highly effective robots are ideal for the bulk ingest of cassette tape based content – be it legacy archive material or tapes delivered for file based transmission systems. The Flexicart plug-in provides full operational control of a Sony Flexicart to ingest up to 70 cassette tapes under full automation. Re-utilising former play-out robots is more cost effective and environmentally friendly than purchasing new and proprietary robots.

On initialisation the Flexicart tape bins are scanned and the relevant ingest manifests are retrieved from the BLAM. The BLAM will work through the cassette tapes, using the Flexicart Service for cart/robot tape operations, and the Blue Lucy Ingest plug-in for linear ingest/file write process. The unattended process may be set to run until the required digitisation is complete, allowing more than 100 hours of content to be ingested without operational intervention or attendance. The BLAM browser based interface allows monitoring of the automated process.