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  • BLAM
  • BLAM Plug-Ins
    BLAM Plug-Ins
  • Consulting

BLAM product and Blue Lucy Consulting & Realisation information is available here as downloadable documents. We are always innovating so for the latest product information contact our technology consultants.

BLAM Videos

  • BLAM – All You Need
    BLAM – All You Need
  • BLAM – In Action
    BLAM – In Action
  • BLAM – Plug-Ins
    BLAM – Plug-Ins

The design of BLAM, principally service orientated architecture and abstraction, mean that flexibility is inherent and as such BLAM has a large number of use cases which are readily deployable. Some short promotional videos provide an overview of BLAM and typical user cases.

Tutorial Videos

  • Importing File Assets
    Importing File Assets
  • Linear Ingest – Baseband Recording
    Linear Ingest – Baseband Recording
  • Managing Assets
    Managing Assets
  • Searching For Assets
    Searching For Assets
  • Tailor

BLAM has been designed from a user centric perspective and provides a highly intuitive user experience. Short tutorial videos are available here which guide you through the operation of core features.

Whitepapers and Publications

  • Broadcast TECH Magazine MAM Breakfast
    Broadcast TECH Magazine MAM Breakfast
  • Is it all just Cloud-Wash?
    Is it all just Cloud-Wash?
  • IT & Broadcast Technology Convergence
    IT & Broadcast Technology Convergence
  • Monetise Decaying Tape Archives
    Monetise Decaying Tape Archives
  • The Cloud and the Crowd
    The Cloud and the Crowd
  • The Cloud on the Ground
    The Cloud on the Ground
  • Transforming Complexity & Cost
    Transforming Complexity & Cost

Our ‘White Papers’ are written to inform and describe generic solutions to relevant, topical issues. They provide an insight into our philosophy and the motivation behind the design of our products.